The Beginning

Back in early 2003, I started dating this terrific guy named Craig. What a dream that's been! He's really amazing. You can see a link to his website on my Links page.

Craig is a huge motorcycle enthusiast. You can tell by scrolling through his website. It's amazing how many bikes he's owned in his life and all the stuff he knows about them. After we dated a few weeks, he took me out on a little neighborhood ride on his 1980 Vespa P200. For a person new to riding, this was just a little slice of heaven. I had to borrow gloves and a helmet from Craig, because of course I had no gear of my own. I remember I was wearing plain ol' jeans and a leather coat, which flapped in the wind behind me. I knew nothing about motorcycles but riding on the scooter felt amazing. I decided that I wanted to learn how to ride.

OK, wanting to learn and learning are 2 different things. Craig has never discouraged me, but definitely wanted to make sure that this is what I *wanted* to do, not what I thought he'd *like* me to do. Good question and one that's taken me some time to answer truthfully.

While thinking about riding, a number of other things happened. Craig and I bought a house together, my mother passed away, and general life. In April of 2004, I asked Craig to get me a special birthday present: all my riding gear. He was great! We bought pants, jacket, boots and a helmet. Lots of fun, but also distress, as I'm short and a "woman of size" so finding things to fit me is difficult at best. We managed, though, and now I have a nice set of gear to wear.

So did I really answer the question of whether I wanted to ride or not, or did I just want "the stuff" to have around so that I would feel safe when I was a passenger on Craig's bike? I let it slide a bit but then in August of 2004, I decided it was time to fish or cut bait.

I decided to fish.

On to August 2004.