November 2005

November 13, 2005

OK, my first spill. It was bound to happen, wasn't it? I don't think I was being cocky, so I can't blame it on a "I can do anything" attitude. I was actually a bit more "un-confident", which resulted in my fall.

We were riding today up to Alice's and this is the first time that I've ever ridden with another rider besides Craig. There were 3 of us and I was in the middle. I kept up with Craig for most of the ride, but in the afternoon, we went up a pretty curvy road. Craig roared ahead and I didn't feel I needed to keep up. However, I felt like I was going too slow and probably rode a little faster than I should have. I completely forgot the mantra that should constantly run through my head: RIDE MY OWN RIDE! In any case, I approached one of my "favorite" types of curves (and I use the word "favorite" loosely), something called a switchback. I call them "u-turns" because you are basically doing a 180 degree turn on the road. So, as I went through the curve, I wasn't at the correct speed (whether too fast or too slow, I can't recall) and couldn't get my wheel straightened in time, so I went down. I banged up my knee a little and scratched my bike. No major damage to little ol' Bruiser. Phew!

Bruiser wouldn't start, though, so Craig and Chuck worked on my bike for a bit while I calmed my nerves. Then Craig rode me down the hill and I tried calling a tow truck. Well, based on where we were and where we need to tow the bike (back home), the cost was about $250. Yikes! Craig thought we should just leave the bike in town and come back with his truck to take the bike home. But then as if by magic, Bruiser started and there were no problems. So now I had a decision to make: let Craig go home and get his truck and come back to pick me and the bike up, or ride home. It took all my courage to do this, but I rode home -- and that ride was at least 50 miles! I was very proud of myself for having gotten back on my bike and riding home (even surviving a few switchbacks!) but I need to recover my nerve before I get on again.

You can see pictures of the ride and the "little spill" by clicking here.