September 2005

September 4, 2005

*Sigh* Where does the time go? I can't believe my poor little Bruiser hasn't been ridden since May ... he's skipped the whole summer riding season! Luckily, we get lots of good weather in California, so we can get more riding in through the rest of the year.

We rode a total of 138 miles, which is probably my longest ride yet. I was more comfortable riding, which meant that I had time to start concentrating on some things Craig told me the last time we rode. Whenever I was riding to a stop, I remembered to downshift to match my gear to my speed, so that if (for some reason) I needed to accelerate quickly, I'd be in the correct gear. I also concentrated on riding at a good speed through curves. It turns out that if you go too slowly through curves, you could tip over. If there's not enough speed for the bike to want to stay upright (and the reason for that is a whole other physics discussion!), then you could fall over. Yikes! Not the thing for me, so I really worked on going through the curves at a decent speed. I'm definitely not a hot dogger who wants to speed through all the curves ... I'm more of a 'fraidy cat ... but I realize that going too slow could be just as hazardous.

I'm also learning more about hand signals between riders. I made a big mistake not understanding that Craig was going to make a U-turn and rode right by him on the left side. He's extremely aware and competent on his bike, so he didn't hit me, but anyone with less experience could have turned their bike right into mine and had an accident. I need to learn and *remember* the hand signs that are used.

(For those who live in the area, this is the route we took: Caņada Road (our usual route) to Woodside. From there, up towards Alice's but we didn't stop. We just continued on to Pescadero and had lunch at Duart's. Then we rode down Hwy 1 towards Pigeon Point Lighthouse, then further south all the way to the edge of Santa Cruz. Then we headed back from Santa Cruz up Hwy 1 to Hwy 84, back to Woodside and back home via Caņada Road. Another beautiful day in Northern California!)

On to November 2005.